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OnePath is your toolkit for helping to combat the opioid epidemic as a member of the medical community with empathy, mindfulness, and a big-picture perspective.

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E8: Community Engagement

MetroHealth houses a robust network of trauma-informed social workers, patient advocates, and peer supporters available to those in the community pursuing recovery from opioid dependency. No matter what stage of the process a patient is in— including immediately post-overdose, mid-incarceration, or in the most challenges stages of early sobriety, MetroHealth and Thrive Peer Support have a plan in place.


Lisa Michelle Fair currently serves as the External Forensic Coordinator for the Expanding Medication Assisted Treatment Program (ExAM Program) in the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center. This work falls under the umbrella of the Metro Health Hospital Systems’ Office of Opioid Safety (OOS). This current position is synonymous with Lisa’s lifetime work; which is to assist, lead and guide the disenfranchised and marginalized to freedom and liberty. To achieve these goals, Lisa has spent her life in the helping field giving the best of herself to her community. Starting in 1977 working as an Investigator at The Center for Families and Children in Cuyahoga County helping establish paternity for kids receiving Aid for Dependent Children. This work continued as Lisa fostered three small children who needed sanctuary due their mother’s addiction issues. Being a Mom to these children was a great part of Lisa’s journey. During this process Lisa realized and had the willingness to foster the Mom as well, this inclusion was essential. Today the family is reunited in health and harmony.

Lisa often refers to herself as a servant-leader. As a servant leader she has served as the HIV Education Coordinator at the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland. Lisa also superintended the only Syringe Service Program in Cuyahoga County at Circle Health Services as the Associate Director. Working in her current role with the Office of Opioid Safety at MetroHealth Hospital the ExAM Program (Expanding Medication Assistant Treatment) program helps those who are imprisoned and suffering with addiction issues. This work is in perfect alignment with her desire to help change the world by serving and leading.


Avril Chuppa is the Team Lead for Thrive at MetroHealth Hospital and is a dedicated state certified Peer Supporter. She serves the people in MetroHealth's care that are struggling with substance use disorder (S.U.D) by sharing her own experience in recovery from S.U.D. Since November of 2017, her and her team have overcome common barriers for those seeking S.U.D treatment, gathered and expanded resources, assisted with transportation to treatment facilities, and kept people engaged in their recovery plan. In her free time, Avril continues to serve her community and seeks out opportunities to help others while keeping her favorite quote in mind: "To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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The Team

Libbey Pelaia

Libbey Pelaia (host) is an educator within the Office of Opioid Safety and has a demonstrated history of leading initiatives within the healthcare, research, and higher education sectors.

Hannah Rae Leach

Producer & Engineer
Hannah Rae Leach (producer and engineer) is a Cleveland-based audio producer, writer, musician, and newly-minted advocate for opioid safety.

Joan Papp, MD FACEP

Joan Papp, MD FACEP is the founder and Medical Director of the Office of Opioid Safety at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Karolyn Tibayan

Karolyn Tibayan is the Director of the Office of Opioid Safety at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Sean Rule-Hoffman

Mix Engineer
Sean Rule-Hoffman (mix engineer) earned a degree in Music Technology with a minor in Electronic Media and Film from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

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